We are a trending group of companies focused on investing in high quality assets and providing service across areas of high returns including real estate,property development, internet technology, business acquisition and alternative financing.  

Our clients consist of high networth individuals, industry leaders and corporate clients some of whom have a global presence. We are a firm believer of globalisation beginning at home and utilise local knowledge and knowhow in order to facilitate smooth project workflow and transactions - source and select the best projects, including design and planning permissions through to construction, marketing, delivering sales and management of assets.  


We are firm believers in value investing. Our investment strategy is simple: utilise our networks to acquire high quality assets or project at good value and finance them on a long-term, low-risk basis. We then create more value by increasing cash flow or value of the asset. We adapt our strategy depending on the market cycle and market sentiment in order to deliver our clients the risk-adjusted returns that all our clients deserve.


Our unique tech background is applied in all our sectors and is the backbone of our projects. We are able to deliver not only cutting edge UI and UX in software and mobile applications, but excel in blockchain, IoT, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Inltelligence and BigData. We have worked with global leaders in designing and delivering these life changing and market disruptive projects and have never failed to deliver on any of our targets. We believe that the integration of our teams signify a market change, and provides accountability and transparency to our clients and most importantly - deliver results.







Alpha Group was founded to offer a complete turnkey solution for our clients in real estate development.

With our team's multidisciplinary background, we manage the process from start to finish - site sourcing and acquisition, feasibility studies, planning permissions, construction and development, sales and marketing and portfolio management - with our clients' interests at heart



We deliver tailored business solutions to the client.

Our journey begins by gaining an understanding of the client's needs.

Our projects are designed not only to look good but to feel intuitive.

No project is too big or small - our team has a varied background in market leading tech including smart IoT integration, AI application and software development, VR/AR applications, large scale systems software, Big Data and alternative funding platforms.

Industry leaders we have worked with in the past include AlibabaCloud.



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