Property Management

Property Management

Expert / Reliable / ROI Improvement

Very thing we do in Property Management is about delivering a seamless service throughout the full lifecycle of the real estate investment.

Expert Property Managers


Qualified property managers work on your property on a daily basis to handle all maintenance issues and negotiate the renewals on behalf of you. We carry out the inspections twice a year. We also provide 24/7 emergency service to ensure your property is in the safe hand.

Building Higher Investment Return


We offer the rent return report service which can help you to achieve the best potential return for your property investment. Our in-house contractor team can assist you to refurbish or/and restructure your property to maximise your medium-long term profit.

Reliable Tenants Finding Service


We find tenants through all prime marketing channels in the UK as well as our business partners around the world to find the most suitable tenants in the shortest timeline. We negotiate the deal on behalf of you to reach the best outcome of your investment and at the meanwhile, we run the fair tenant reference check to reduce the risk.

Full Legal Support


We offer the full legal support from tenants’ reference, tenancy agreement, deposit protection, property planning and license application and section 8&21 etc.

Regular Update and Report


Our monthly reports make sure you can monitor your investment wherever you are. Our healthy and safety compliance team can make sure your property always meets the legal requirement in the UK and all certificates are update-to-date.